Yoga and Your Immune System

Finding simple ways to boost your immune system is one of the kindest things that you can do to improve your overall health. When your immune system is functioning at optimum capacity, then you are less prone to illness and your body is more likely to continue functioning as it should! So, what are some effortless ways to give your immune system what it needs?

Before you start researching the latest wellness trends and supplementary medications, you can simply look to your yoga mat!

For best results when practicing yoga, you should also look to combine your yoga practice with regular meditation – a simple ten minute meditation at the end of each yoga session is a great place to start.

When we are stressed out our immune systems become compromised. This is especially the case when this stress becomes chronic and persistent over time. When the natural mind – body balance is disturbed by the presence of anxieties and worries, then some of the bacteria that has been residing within us peacefully may begin to wreak havoc.

When you practice yoga regularly then you will find that this will naturally help to balance your immune system and keep your mind peaceful. As you flow through the asanas, the presence of stress hormones in the body will become less, and your stressful feelings will be soothed.

The lymphatic system, which is a pivotal part of the immune system, is stimulated when the body embarks upon a yoga session. When this happens, toxins are given extra encouragement to leave the body. Additionally, this stimulation will increase the flow of oxygen rich blood to all of the organs around the body.

Many of the yoga poses that will be of particular use to the immune system fall into the category of inverted poses. For those who don’t know, an inverted yoga pose is defined as a pose in which your heart is physically positioned higher than your head. Certain restorative poses, such as Child’s Pose and Corpse Pose are also beneficial to immune system function when practiced frequently.

It is worth noting that if you are already ill with a cold, flu or something similar, then yoga is more than likely not going to relieve your symptoms, and you will have to ride it out! Once you’re well enough to practice yoga then doing so can help to protect you against getting ill in the future!


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